Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Review: John Carter (2012)

Plain and simple, I had a really good time watching Disney's John Carter. Seeing the film in imax 3D proved to be a stunning and joyful piece of spectacle shattering any doubts I may had about the project within minutes of it starting. No small part of this success comes from Pixar’s Andrew Stanton who has really brought a lot of fun and excitement to this adaptation, which not only seems to stay faithful enough to the Burroughs novels but is equally very much the vision of the director. Much like Spielberg's recent big-screen version Tintin this in some ways feels as though it is a film out of its time, but that certainly isn’t an insult, it makes it feel almost timeless. With around 100 years of waiting under its belt you could certainly say this project has been through a bit of development hell; but looking at the finished product it seems to have been worth the wait. A fantastically fun film.


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