Tuesday, 22 December 2015

22/12/15 - Left London.

Waking back up in Boldon was a little bit surreal, but it was a lot cold. The timer on the heating is probably something I need to sort out before considering to the impact of the symbolic meaning of moving back to the North East.

Today has mainly been a day of slowly unpacking whilst being distracted by Shrek the Third on TV (a film which I seem to have totally wiped from my memory), but instead of this it'd likely be more interesting to follow on from yesterday's blog and recall the end of my last week living in London.

Like so many of the times I've spent with Cheyenne this weekend consisted of an excessive amount of food! This time it started with a trip to The Cheshunt Tandoori, somewhere I've passed every week this year but haven't actually set foot in. I'm glad I eventually did!

On Saturday we visited the Elvis at the O2 exhibition. This was a fascinating look into one of music's greatest icons stretching from his humble beginnings to his decent into decadence. I think it's still there for a few weeks and it's well worth a visit for a slice of Graceland on the Thames.

On Saturday night Simply Red were playing at the O2 so following the exhibition we left as quickly and dramatically as possible on the Emirates Sky Line cable car. Doing this at night was a beautiful and oddly surreal experience. Like Disney's Soarin' ride but on your Oyster card. We continued onto My Old Dutch in Holborn and Oh My Dutch God, it was amazing. If you think the prospect of a chilli pancake sounds amazing or horrifying, it's something you need to experience. I would imagine my old waistline would be in a lot worse shape if I'd tried this place sooner.

When we got back to Cheyenne's we had ourselves an early Christmas before I headed back home and it was lovely, presents, wine, pretzels and Christmas Vacation! A pure festive treat. This year with her has really been truly amazing and I wouldn't have traded it for the world.

Anyway, my copy of The Force Awakens soundtrack also arrived in the post today, so I'm off to listen to that on a constant loop.

Talk soon,

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