Wednesday, 23 December 2015

23/12/15 - Santa's of Sunderland.

Today I went to Sunderland. For some doing this on any given day might be questionable, but two days before Christmas? Probably a mistake.

For the amount of shops that seem to have shut in Sunderland recently it's kind of a wonder that so many people were out shopping today at all. It's a city I've always had an odd relationship with but ultimately it's just depressing to see it seemingly more battered than ever. Still, it's inevitable to run into some people you know there which reminds you of the charm beyond the brutalism.

This evening I'm off for an evening out with my mam! She wants to see Star Wars and have a Nandos. This is of course the type of evening I can get behind. I'm not actually sure if she's seen any of the films before. Her only question for seeing the film was "does Chewbacca do his sound in it?"


Spoiler: He does.

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