Thursday, 24 December 2015

24/12/15 - Christmas Wrapping and Force Awakenings (with SPOILERS!)

My favourite Christmas song is probably The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping, however undoubtedly my least favourite festive activity is wrapping presents. This is most likely why I've just found myself sitting at the foot of a pile of presents armed with a roll of sparkly paper, scissors and sellotape. I feel this might take a lot of sellotape. 

This is probably why I've been distracted into watching anything vaguely seasonal on TV and instead am now writing another blog after a day of mainly thinking about seeing The Force Awakens again last night.

On this second viewing of Episode VII I felt I could really take a lot more in and appreciate more of the nuisance involved. It answered a lot of questions but raised a lot more too. Still no sign of Zuvio or R2-KT though!


We need to talk about Rey.

The whole Mary Sue argument seems a lot less founded after a second watch generally and I also think I've got my opinion about her family line figured. Initially I had several ideas swirling round but now I think it has to be a connection to Luke.

First of all she is abandoned on desert planet (and seemingly being watched over by the Alec Guiness like genuine class of Max Von Sydow), she seems to have Luke's X-wing helmet and a lovely little X-wing pilot doll too, her vision at the castle happens when she touches Luke/Anakin's lightsaber, and then there's everything we see and hear in that vision Luke, Obi-Wan (Ewan McGreggor and Alec again!), Yoda and finally R2 awakens up when she arrives at the resistance base, who knows the presence of a Skywalker better than our little Astromech Droid?

But then again maybe not... Damn it JJ!

Anyway here's the ever wonderful Summer Camp covering Christmas Wrapping, have a great night one and all.


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